Pärlans Konfektyr

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Sunday is upon us, and that means yet another edition of Craftsmanship Abroad.

This week. we’ve stumbled upon a fascinating candy store in Stockholm, Sweden.
As winter is slowly starting to show its face around here, we’ve started to look for sweets that would go well with hot beverages to keep us warm in the winter to come.
In our strive towards finding the perfect candy for winter, we have fallen hard for handmade toffees, and it seems that Stockholm has some of the very best.

Strongly inspired by the 1930’s and 1940’s, “Pärlans Konfetyr” in Stockholm craft handmade toffees in the best quality possible. Their recipe is inspired by the 1930’s, but with a modern twist to it. Only the very best ingredients are used in the making of these toffees, and the use of organic ingredients is a matter of course at Pärlans Konfektyr.
In their consistently vintage decorated shop, you’ll easily be tempted by Pärlans Konfektyr’s wide range of absolutely mouthwatering taste varieties, including fresh strawberries, vanilla and sea salt and Pärlans Konfektyr’s signature taste the orange and star anis.

[vimeovideo url=46218217]

If this video has left you for a craving for toffee, and you don’t find your self in Stockholm, may we suggest that you peep your head in to our good friends at Karamelleriet.
Karemelleriet is also practicing the proud traditions of toffee making, and is known to be the local “pushers”, when toffee-addicts need their fix.