Monday is upon us, and we hope you’ve had a great weekend. We wouldn’t complain if it lasted a couple of more days.
But what better way to start off another week by digging deep in a delightfully brewed cup of joe.
In this week’s edition of Craftsmanship Abroad, we’ve come across a group of people where the search of the perfect cup of coffee truly has become a way of life.

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Evocation Coffee Roasters is a micro roastery and espresso bar located in the Amarillo, Texas. Ever since the since the very start in ’09, the two founders of Evocation Coffee Roasters, Amy McDivitt and Roman Leal has committed to change the way we drink and experience coffee.
Every part of the roasting process is very carefully done and constantly perfected by the two founders, and every cup of coffee sold from their café is carefully roasted on-site making every cup unique.

[vimeovideo url=64639068]

If this video, like us, leaves you in a desperate craving for a great cup of coffee – and you’re not finding yourself in Texas, may we suggest that you get your coffee fix at our good friends from the Coffee Collective.