A new week us upon us, and as usual, we’re ready to start off your week presenting you to a fine art of craftsmanship.
This weekend’s edition of Craftsmanship Abroad is quite different than usual. We still bring you a video of great craftsmanship, but the product might be quite different from what you’ll usually find in this feature.

This week, we’ve stumbled upon the Italian, classic men’s brand, Brioni.
Brioni was founded back in 1945 in Rome and is considered one of the world’s leading gentlemen’s outfitters. Well known for their supremely luxurious tailoring, and handmade suits, Brioni has established itself as one of the heritage brands that truly define the sophisticated art of Italian style.
Without making any question or doubt the hard work and craftsmanship being activated in the process of tailoring a made-to-measure suit, we’ve stumbled upon a quite quirky and cute video with quite a literal interpretation of Brioni’s famous hand-made suits.

KIND REMINDER: If you have a hang for the universe of a modern gentleman, may we please remind you that we’re hosting the Gentlemen’s Evening on the 3rd of September in Carl Hansen & Son’s Flagship Store on Bredgade 21.
More info can be found right here: CPHmade Gentlemen’s Evening.
[vimeovideo url=41293984]