Copenhagen is steaming these days, and we know that you’re probably out enjoying the sun. But for all of you guys who got sunburned at need to rest in the shadow – we hereby bring you the latest edition of our feature Craftsmanship Abroad.

A while back, we showed you how our friends from WOODCOUTURE handcrafted a very special pair of alpine skis, the telemark sticks,  for those who want care for speed and high quality!

Under warmer climes, Mr. Eric Singer from the company SHWOOD, have done something similar. In the fantastic video below, Mr Singer and friends craft a unique wooden surfboard from driftwood on the beach, and it sure looks like a lot of fun!
Not only does the special surfboard look like a lot of fun to ride, the whole process of carving, drilling and assembling sure seems like a true treat for carpenters and craftsmen.
We find this video truly inspiring, and we’d love to test out the board for ourselves one day. Maybe we could craft one ourselves one day, what say you WOODCOUTURE, care to help us out?