Fecht Design

It sure has been a while, but we’re ready with another edition of Craftsmanship Abroad.
This week, we’ve come across a great furniture designer and woodworker from Nashville. May we introduce you to Mr. Christian Fecht.
At first, Mr. Fecht originally made it to Nashville from Chicago to start a small contracting business, but always had a strong passion for creating art that might play a role in someone’s everyday life.
He found that possible in the noble art of furniture design. Fecht’s designs are very minimal, making the materials and shapes speak for themselves.

When it comes to actually picking out the right materials, Fecht is very fascinated with wood, and simply loves its ability to develop a life of its own through decades.
Solid craftsmanship and thoroughness is at the very heart of his work, and is the very cornerstone in his philosophy. You can definitely see that in the video below. Made by Joe Gomez, this video offers an exclusive peak into Christian Fecht Design’s workshop, and what a delight that is.
Sit back, and enjoy.

Start at the Beginning: Fecht Design from Joe Gomez on Vimeo.