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This week’s edition of Craftsmanship Abroad takes us to the the small town Flimby in England.
Flimby houses a well-known factory of the iconic sneaker brand New Balance.
Founded back in 1983, the New Balance factory in Flimby occupies more than 210 skillful craftsmen who puts the manufacturing of sneakers in the pride of place. Forget about mass-produced sneakers with no soul or quality assurance. The Flimby factory only distributes sneakers of the highest quality. All the sneakers crafted at Flimby are treated with utmost care and attention to detail. The video below gives us an exclusive view behind the scenes of sneaker manufacturing, offering the viewer a step-by-step process of the production of New Balance’s iconic 577 model.
After watching the the video, you will easily why the quality of New Balance sneakers are considered state of the art.

[vimeovideo url=55765754]