For over a year, we at CPHmade, have gathered and united some of the very best craftsmen based in Copenhagen. Our network currently consists of 78 local craftsmen, who craft a diverse range of products in the highest quality possbile. If you aren’t new to this blog, I’m quite sure know a lot of them already – I mean you do know that we, among other amazing products, craft handmade skis and custom built motorbikes in Copenhagen, right?

With the purpose of constantly refining and expanding the CPHmade network, we have stumbled upon amazing craftsmen who have been quite an inspiration to us.
We have spent hours and hours, online as well as offline,
researching quirky and unique products, and the craftsmanship that lies behind it.
Not only have hours of research led us to become acquainted with some of the best craftsmen from Copenhagen, but we have also found a lot of unique craftsmen around the globe, whos passion serves as pure inspiration to us at CPHmade. In our newest feature on the blog, Craftsmanship Abroad, we would very much like to introduce you to some of them.
We simply love to see true masters of craftsmanship at work, and at CPHmade we find it absolutely incredible to witness the burning passion of someone who’s been doing what they do year upon year.

This week we have come across a fantastic violin maker from Brooklyn. Sam Zygmuntowicz is his name, and he has dedicated his life to crafting the most amazing violins.
Take a look through this “microscope”, and become acquainted with proud and rare form of craftsmanship at its finest. Enjoy.

[vimeovideo url=37749081]