10011436_1436275236617467_1278357784_nIf geographical challenges prevents you from visiting Copenhagen, and thereby become acquainted with some of the most skillful craftsmen this world has to offer, may we kindly remind you guys that some of our great members of CPHmade are featured in the debut issue of COLD NORTH Magazine. This means that you can get kind of a feeling of what kind of dedication and passion we experience everyday in the CPHmade network right from a confortable chair in your living room. The magazine puts craftsmanship in the pride of place, and invite their readers to become acquainted with some of the most talented artisans and craftsmen residing in the cold, Northern part of Europe. Thus, you’ll find features with the great bookbinder Klara K, the leathersmith Jeppe Dencker and the crowdfunding heroes Toke and Regner from Fingersurfers.

The magazine is actually sold out on their website, but selected stockists still have copies left of their debut issue. Find out where to get it by accessing the COLD NORTH Magazine stockist list.