Amager Bakke, Amager SKI, SKI-resort

Amager Bakke Rising

In the more industrial part of Copenhagen, Amager, we’re about to see some extremely interesting changes. The Copenhagen Municipality is planning to build a brand new Waste-into-Energy plant that will be state of the art, within waste management and energy production. The new plant is called Amager Bakke (Amager Hill), and will be an architectural landmark in the cityscape of Copenhagen, designed by the renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of the architect studio BIG (BJARKE INGELS GROUP).

When the mountain won’t come to Copenhagen – you build one!

In Denmark we’re enclosed by countries that have proud traditions within ski-resorts. Both Sweden & Norway attracts a lot of ski-tourists every winter, and skiing holidays are also really popular among Danes. But in the future, ski enthusiastic Danes might not have to travel abroad to satisfy their need to ski. They just have to go to the new energy plant on Amager. You see, the design of Amager Bakke has quite a playful approach to it, without undermining the purpose of the new energy plant. The roof of Amager Bakke will be turned into a ski slope of varying skill levels for the citizens of Copenhagen, and its visitors.

At CPHmade we’re really excited about the recognition of environmental concerns and a sustainable mindset, but also find it quite ironic that we’re about to open up a ski slope in a very flat capital like Copenhagen.

What might even be more ironic is that Copenhagen actually has had a manufacturer of skis for several years. A very good one.The Copenhagen go-to guys within handcrafted skis are Petter Brandberg and Sigurd Elling from WoodCouture. The little company basically does everything in wood, from custom-made furniture to oh well, skis. WoodCouture is driven by a passion for high quality, and a constant focus on function and user experience. All products are handmade, from the initial drawings to the crafting of the product.

In about four years, when Amager Bakke is supposed to open, and you need new skis to show off, do not forget about WoodCouture. Check out what WoodCouture is all about right here.

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