We sort of got exciting new to share with all of you. As you all know, Copenhagen has quite a good reputation in the wide world for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. In fact, Copenhagen is aiming to be the world’s best bicycle city in 2015.


At the CPHmade office we embrace the goal of becoming the world’s best bicycle city in 2015, and of course we want to help out. However, we believe that it is about time we brought something different to the table. Politicians are constantly seeking to enhance the infrastructure of the city, making the city more suitable for the growing number of bicycles in Copenhagen. We can’t really help out on this sort of level, so instead we’ve decided to establish a project that definitely put fun into bicycling. May we introduce you to our latest initiative: Copenhagen Classico 2014.


The 22nd of June 2014 we are paying homage to classic bicycling by hosting a vintage bike race in Copenhagen.
You are all most welcome to join us for a sunny day, where the virtues of classic bicycling are put in the pride of place.
With its 22 kilometres, this year’s Copenhagen Classico route takes you on a nice stroll around Copenhagen escorted by 35 vintage motorbikes. We’ll almost have the city to ourselves, and like bike races in the good old days we’ll stop two times during the route. Here we’ll enjoy a glass of bubbles, espresso and a delightful serving of cold cuts. Preferably, your trusty steed should be before the year of 2000.

You can get more info, buy your ticket and follow the preparations at Copenhagen Classico (Danish only – but If you have questions, shoot us a mail at: mh(at)cphmade.org