Denmark is just about surrounded by ocean, which have formed us through history, generations and handed us pure heritage. To some Danes the sea is about fishing, to others it’s about wind energy and oil – but to most of us it’s about leisure time and sweet memories.

To Per Schandorff the sea is about wooden shipwrecks or wood in general that has survived for decades beneath the surface.


A few years back Per decided to skip the daily routines for a future as artist, designer and storyteller.


The contemporary International interpretation of 2017 is dwelling on zero waste, minimalism and a signal about that things needs to change. Sustainability have long court the attention of this artist but the interpretation is so different from artist to artist.

Per is situated somewhere between the artist and the designer. Utilizing the aging wood with nature’s distinct imprint and limitation as backbone in a range of artistically handcrafted  furniture piece.


Not one piece come without craftsmanship or storytelling and not two pieces here are alike.

Since the organic lifestyle in general is aiming even more towards a conscious living this proud exhibition is spot on.

Having said exhibition, one must emphasise that all the beautiful furniture pieces exhibited here are for sale.


The exhibition is situated in the town centre next to the beautiful Kings Garden. Although a small demonstration it comes highly recommended by us at CPHmade.


So if you would like some diversity to shopping streets and the little mermaid, drop by Per Schandorff and enjoy the display as well as a nice talk with the artist about nature, charisma, emotions and aesthetics or perhaps even about the political aspect in every furniture piece.



The Exhibition is held here:

Kronprinsessegade 11
Copenhagen K

The Exhibition is running until end of April 2017

For more information about the artist, exhibition and opening hours – click here


Enjoy // On behalf of the CPHmade team – Brian

Photo – all rights reserved BPEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM