When you’re strolling around the inner city area of Copenhagen, you’ll quickly realize that the main shopping street “Strøget” is not the only area where you can satisfy your shopping needs. If you look closely, you’ll discover that Copenhagen is all about small, crooked and quirky streets with the most charming shops.

In the narrow street Klosterstræde, you’ll find a quite quirky and odd collection on some of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. If you pop in and say hi in no.16, you’ll find a quite amazing bookbindery called Co’libri. The old bookbindery has a traditional approach to the art of bookbinding, but is constantly seeking to expand and adapt the proud craftsmanship of bookbinding into a modern world.
This particular wish, is one of the reasons why Ms. Lerager agreed on crafting the LP-cover from a new Danish Band “Kujon”. The results are in, and we quite like the idea of crafting an LP-cover from a bookbinders point of view.
To get you an idea of Ms. Lerager’s work process, We managed to get our hands on some footage of the LP-cover in the making. To accompany the photos, we suggest that you take a listen at Co’libri’s Creative Soundtrack.
Stay tuned for more interesting news from Colibri Bookbindery in the future!