..and it’s time to cosy up. Claydies’ new tealight holder will help you with that. The tealight holder is modeled in porcelain clay and then fired to 1280 degrees Celcius with a transparent glaze.tf-fyrfad-regn

The fingerprint is the most important element in the tealight holder.  They started the development of the series “True feelings” after an experiment with dogma rules. One of the rules was to work blindfolded.

fyrfad 1

The naive and a bit clumsy expression of the result inspired the ‘Claydies’ to work more focused on the fingerprint as the leading element. “We like the rough working method in the fine and thin porcelain,- it works out as a nice contrast” they say. The finger modeling makes the tealight holder very thin somewhere and gives the candle holder a nice glow with a lit tealight in it.

fyrfad 4