Paul Smith is doing it. Daniel Frost is doing it. Sergei Sviatchenko is too.

Riding on the back of other strong brands new names and constellation see the light of day. We are welcoming these cooperations like never before – perhaps because today it’s acceptable to tell about the fact that we grow stronger by working together. Everybody seams to benefit whether brand, designer or consumer. Movements has surfaced applauding that super brands step down and respectfully leave a presumably well-oiled brand platform to other artists and designers. As part of the formula to any success is acknowledgement, and by participating in collaborations partners can support each other in getting the message out. Co-labs are not the latest thing but a well-documented approach to aim for a certain perception and position.


Close to our passionate Copenhagen hearts, is Rasmus Leman, for whom the electronic music scene and business is familiar territory and core to his passion. Rasmus is not just MD of the Record Company Gartenhaus. He is becoming a business angel in the community. Lately Rasmus teamed up with another great personality – Thomas Dieckmann – together they recently started an alternative record company called Kompliké.

This latest invention by the two gents was build on getting the details right – ‘we are not just talking about the music – we are talking about 360 degree stewardship on both artist and consumer perception.


Vital part of the visual identity concept for Komplikè was to look upstream, going against the raw urban sound portrait, which over the last decade framed the electronic culture. Rasmus and Thomas wanted a softer and more sophisticated touch. After searching the wide Copenhagen art entourage they discovered Toril Bækmark. Toril was spot on and loyal to the same focus as Thomas and Rasmus – hence a partnership matured. Toril was found perfect because of both elegance in stroke and minimalistic compositions. The co-lab created a beautiful result! Today Komplikè can pride themselves with a one of the kind logo – sophisticated, esthetic and one striking nominator.


The final result talks for it self, and so does the striking road from first draft to final result. Rasmus and Thomas got more than just a Logo – they got a female touch full of sense and sensibility all thanks to Toril Bækmarks composition.