What to expect when choosing a tailor and a little about a tailor-made experience

Why would you ever choose a tailor, when so many great brands deliver contemporary designed quality suits to a fraction of the price?
Before I start explaining why more and more people decide choosing a tailor to visit a tailor, let me just admit that I’m going to reveal our choice of tailor even though that I know the saying – a true gentleman NEVER reveals his tailor! But for the good of all, I’m going to anyway!
Most men and women that visit a tailor and buy tailor-made, have the same experiences when it comes to standard suits and dresses – they learned over the years that there is no such thing as a perfect fit in standardized appearance. Most can sum up the key experience in 4 categories:

– not really being 100% satisfied with the product.
– an uncomfortable feel due to lack of fit.

– never got the real attention to detail when fitted in the retail store.
– you almost never get true value for the money.

Regardless of what brand you might choose as preferred label, can actually supply the same level of fit – nevertheless most consumers would rather buy two half fitted suits than one individual fitted – even though that the design is similar perhaps even more long term trendy and that the overall tailor-made process is so much more thrilling. 
It takes time and it’s worth the waiting. A typical two piece suit will be done in 8 weeks time. Over the 8 weeks you would have at least 5 sessions with the tailor:

– choise, recommendation and pricing.
– measuring.
– 2-4 fitting sessions
– final delivery 

Quality and life span – I don’t know whether I truly need to argue for making better and more sustainable choices. At least for now I will leave it out.
But I will talk a little about feel – the feeling of being in the center of focus for more than 5 minutes. 5 minutes being the average time spend for a fitting session, for a standard suit in any retail store. Obviously this is not sufficient to make the necessary attention to detail and to deliver perfect result and a confident fit.
The confident fit is another important issue. There are men in suits and there are men in suits. Most just see the suit as a uniform, a vital part of license to do business. To others it’s a confident statement of power and self-promotion. The perfect fit demands a thorough and highly skilled tailor to process 2-3-4 fittings with respect to individual shape and not to mention the respect for textiles and layers in the suit.
Waring tailor-made is always a joy – and the story that comes with such an experience and fit is a vital part of giving anybody the confidence of a true businessman.
Before your next buy – ask yourself whether you too might be worth spending a little extra on. I recommend that you at least give yourself the leisure of a visit to ‘your’ tailor, just to get a little more educated in the world of luxury.
We have selected one of Copenhagen’s obvious choices to be part of CPHmade – Ms. Karina Mott – Mott Skrædderi. For more information about Karina Mott or tailoring in general don’t hesitate to call us.