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Yes, You Can!

Being small and independent most of our members value to service and deliver beyond the standard collection. Both because they love to be challenged but also because they like to understand consumer preference. Most of our customers values this opportunity, especially because most will be in direct contact with the craftsman.
So whether you prefer a jewelry in silver instead of black gold or getting a jugglers hat in a specific color to match an outfit, our members strive to deliver upon demand and expectation.


Therefore you are always welcome to contact us, if you so wish to change colors or quality before you final order of a handmade or manmade product.


The first contact will be directly to CPHmade and a little later in the process if needed you will be redirected contact with the specific member. contact us here:


This means that you at the end of the day can tell family and friends that you took part in development of a product made in Denmark. How great a story is that!


Featured picture (TOP)  in this blogpost
Hat named Akrobaten by – photo by Thomas Cato.
Buttom picture: Andersen&Berner jugglers hats

Andersen & Berner hats joggling