victorian calender 2016

Everything these days are so digital – even you are sitting reading this! Digital is all around us!

We kind of forgot the great good old ways – who need it anyway? Well we all do!

The printed monthly calender have been a tradition for generations and it will keep being part of many homes in decades to come.

But we are past most of the traditional pages in the calender! Most of us would like the calender to complement our decor and colors – and we are not easy to please, because we take our home and decorations very serious.

Copenhagen and perhaps Denmarks best offer on a decorative wall calender 2016 is the comtempory calender made by Toril Baekmark. Her famous and icon work found the way to theather poster, porcelin and much more.

Toril Bækmark is Copenhagen-based creative design illustrator. Toril graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1996, where she specialized in illustration and poster design. During her education Toril had the opportunity to study abroad, and travelled to Poland where she spent six months on the Warsaw Art Academy. Ever since, Toril Bækmark has been practicing her passion, illustrating!

Toril has composed this calender in tune with the seasons and present a calender full of beautiful handmade illustrations which excibit a flower full univers with just the right organic touch.

Taking the details into consideration Toril Baekmark made sure that the 2016 version of her calender would allow the owner to make small notes of their own, without moving focus from the lovely work.

The Calender is offset printet on thick quality paper, making the Calender illustrations last almost a lifetime. The wire make it easy to hang without damaging the calender pages.

size: 30X49cm

You can buy yours here.