Nordic Bookbinding 2013
3rd of October – 4th of November
The Royal Danish Library

The exhibition Nordic Binding 2013, offers a wide range of modern bookbinding. The exhibited books are made ​​by bookbinders from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.
A Danish expert jury have been established to judge and evaluate modern bookbinding in the Nordic countries. The results are in, and 16 works of fantastic bookbinding have been especially selected by the jury.

Judged by the quality of craftsmanship, the book design and the coherence of the books form and content, the jury has curated an interesting range of modern bookbinding.
We are very, very pleased let you know that we have not one, but two(!) CPHmade members represented at this thoroughly curated exhibition. Malene Lerager from the bookbindery Co’libri’ has been nominated and acknowledged for her work on “En mand uden fædreland” [A man without a motherland], and made it as one of the 16 “Selected and Honoured Books”.


FURTHERMORE the bookbinder Klara K from Christianshavn made it into the jury’s selection of of noteworthy works of bookbinding in 2013. Klara K, whom is quite known for her “classic – with a twist” approach to bookbinding, was selected for her work on the book “Dansk Porno” [Danish Porn]. The result is refreshingly unusual. At least we at CPHmade haven’t stumbled upon a book with a full on leopard look. The book is binded in leopard patterned whole canvas, with gilt edged pages and a blood red pastedown crafted in velour.
The book is delivered in a black box made from artificial leather. The special piece of bookbinding was released in a limited edition of 6, and are all sold out.