Owner and Director Rasmus Bo Bojesen:

I have been working with chocolate for almost 30 years now – ever since I as a young chef was working in France in a number of different Michelin restaurants.

I have always wanted to mix the ingredients from the salty and the sweet cuisine to surprise people’s taste. The marriage between spices and chocolate has resulted in many a surprising tasting experience – not normally associated with classical chocolate.

I 2006 I started a new adventure: To develop my own personal raw chocolate. I wanted to stray away from traditional chocolate taste and add my personal and subjective criteria.

You see: Chocolate is not just chocolate. Chocolate is like wine – many factors influence the end result. Factors like the bean, the soil, the harvest, the fermenting and the climate.

So I have produced a chocolate based on 70% cocoa, organic criolla beans and organic ras sugar. My chocolate has an intense taste, a softness and a long aftertaste.

You can buy our chocolate assortment in our shop at Axelborg, Vesterbrogade 4A, 1st floor – as well as in Irma supermarkets.

You are always to call us for more.

Bojesen A/S
Vesterbrogade 4A
DK – 1620 Copenhagen V
Tel: +45 3391 4600