BA Handmade has since 1929 specialized in making brushes and brooms covered with hair, plant fibers and other materials to achieve optimum performance and durability. We have a large loyal clientele in our stores and in our webshop , and especially to our brushes and brooms are a large corporate group , some of which have custom-made a brush or broom to their needs and wishes.

BA Handmade also has three other crafts , such as weaving on large 90 cm wide weave baskets and wicker chair seat , design chairs from the 50s and 60s , and wood turning to various operating and ornaments.

BA Handmade has four stores centrally, located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Horsens, respectively. Here we sell our own products ass well as other products where we have a relationships with the designers behind these products. BA Handmade has a social economic aim to train and employ craftsmen, store employees and others with visual impairments.

BA Handwork
Tomsgårdsvej 17-19 , 3rd floor
2400 Copenhagen NV
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Phone: +45 3834 3388
Fax: +45 3819 4233
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