Best Travel Photography made into Art

Looking for the best photographer in the travel category can be a huge task because frankly there is a lot of great photographers out there! Just look at Instagram and it’s easy to find loads of talented people with an eye for iPhone photography.

But what if you want to have a different take on travel photography, another concept perhaps? Because one could argue that everything at Instagram looks the same! Same Insta moments, same colour grading and so on. Don’t get us wrong but perhaps this is exactly why professional photographers still is a thing. 

See the 24 photos from the exhibition: Oddhunt Photography- On Exhibit

The best photographer we have come across lately in the travel category, we found at an art gallery exhibition linked to the Copenhagen Photo Festival ( Perhaps you would google the best, but we all know that’s not the right way forward. What we found was something completely different from anything that we had seen in a long time. Not because it was in black and white because even we have seen that before. No, it was the actual concept and rationale behind. 

Venice out of season

These days everything has to do with storytelling, well even this blog post have to do with storytelling. Otherwise, the value is immediately devaluated! First of all, we all need a frame or context, because how can anyone really grasp the idea as seen by the artist if not understood. This rationale took us by surprise because the artist wanted to subtract from the scenery. By the way, the exhibition was held in travel bookstore – gallery areal – in Copenhagen and was about Venice. Venice is one of the most photographed cities you would, I’m sure, think that every angle of the city already was encapsulated and framed by someone else already! But not in this way!

Venice summer

The best photographer is not just about a great photo. Perhaps moreover about giving the audience a new perspective a reason to revisit. The exhibition called ‘Venice the first time… since’, simply indicates that there is always something new to consume in this magnificent city. The artist never took us to the remote parts of the city. But reminded if not lectured the spectator how much any travel destination has to offer if you just take time to grasp it all. Perhaps this was an elegant move by the local Tourist board to hire in somebody that could slow the pace of the spectator down, we simply don’t know! Might of course also be that the photographer just fell in love with these extraordinary surroundings. Your speculations are as good as ours. But to us, this was a brilliant new take not only of Venice but just as much as a concept and storytelling. This is why the photographer in our view is one to watch and already renowned in the category for best travel photographer! 

The artist behind this genius concept is Brian Engblad, Oddhunt Photography. We chased the opportunity and did an interview with the artist some weeks later. This rather interesting interview will be posted on a later date, but just to tease you a little – Brian doesn’t see himself as a photographer as much as an observer that like to consume a city like Venice sitting down!

Venice best photographer

You would perhaps think that this 56-year-old photographer would love the title Best Travel Photographer, but the fact is that he would much rather be in the category of the most expensive photographers. And Brian Engblad actual mean this! 

‘I wanted to strip everything down! There is too much Venice in Venice, every square inch is trying to win me over’!

The artist was very clear on how he thought the 24 black and white photos should be consumed and perceived – which happens to be 100% in line with our take of this gallery exhibition that later this year will travel to Berlin and next year the heart of Venice – with a special closed exhibition for Venetians only. Another clever element of the concept.