We are pleased to inform you that we have added yet another member to our growing network!
The sustainable bike project Bambucicletas (means bamboo bikes) has joined CPHmade and we’re looking forward to see sustainable, quirky bamboo bike designs roll around in Copenhagen!
Bambucicletas offers handcrafted bikes; built from an unusual product, bamboo. By choosing a bamboo bike, you reduce your personal CO2 consumption, and actively contribute to a green environment.
The bamboo used for Bambuciletas is specially chosen and harvested by hand in Brazil. The bamboo is then dried out, and is exposed to surface treatment to make the bamboo more durable.

Behind Bambuciletas you will find the Brazilian industrial designer Flavio Deslandes, who’s known as a pioneer when it comes to designing and crafting in bamboo. Deslandes’ fascination and knowledge of bamboo started in the early 90’s, and in 1995 he started working on a project that was to become the bamboo bike.
Luckily for us Flavio Deslandes decided to settle down in Copenhagen, where he have had the time to perfect the bamboo bike design. In the very beginning of the bamboo bike project it was solely the bike frame that was crafted out of bamboo, but now parts like fork and fenders are also crafted from the durable material.
Make sure to check out Bambucicletas, and the work of Flavio Deslandes right here!