bybi bees copenhagen, locally produced honey

The old City Hall in Copenhagen might increase their number of employees significantly this summer

Actually 140.000 new employees are ready to offer their services in the Copenhagen City Hall. On the roof, that is. We’re talking about 140.000 bees here, offering their production skills within honey production.

The politicians in Copenhagen are keen on the idea of hosting beehives on the roofs of the City Hall.
CPHmade member ByBi has kindly requested the Copenhagen City Hall of the possibilities to install beehives on the rooftops of the old City Hall.
As some of you may remember ByBi is a socio-economically enterprise that sells locally produced honey. ByBi is, at the time of writing, represented in ten locations all over Copenhagen and have beehives on the rooftops of Bella Center, Carlsberg and Lundbeck Pharma.
As mentioned earlier ByBi is a socio-economically enterprise, and focuses on activating vulnerable people. ByBi provides jobs within managing the beehives, and helps vulnerable people getting back on track.
The profits from the honey production are put in social projects that takes former homeless people into account.
At CPHmade we’re absolutely pleased to experience that the politicians in Copenhagen have taken a socio-economically, sustainable project like ByBi into consideration.

Stay tuned for more info on the interesting collaboration!