Christmas is finally here, and at CPHmade we are quite sure that most of you guys have been caught in the usual Christmas-shopping-tide. We sure hope you made it through to the other side, and ended out buying some great presents for your loved ones.
Christmas is also a great opportunity to reflect upon quality in products, stocking fillers and presents in general. As for yours truly, I’ve caught myself being swept away on a crazy buying frenzy – picking up way to many presents. Not because they were very special, nor unique, but simply just to pile presents up under a beautifully decorated tree. What a shame that was
I mean don’t we like the idea of giving intentional gifts that leave us with memories, rather than just leaving us with more stuff?
Just about everything is available on the Internet, and can be bought within seconds just with the single action of a mouse click. It sure is making shopping a lot easier, but we could all find goodness in being reminded that there is actually ways to put a but more thought into the you choose for dear friends and family.
As December is slowly fading, we at CPHmade, have been extremely pleased to see that people are still going that extra mile, when it comes to finding just the right present.
Our boutique experiences in Tivoli has given us strong indications that, great (hand)crafted and (wo)man made products still have a future!

Thank you to all you guys who have visited us in Tivoli!

See you right after Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the CPHmade team.