Last week we went on a short visit in Coffee Collectives impressive coffee space on Godthåbsvej, Frederiksberg.

When you just crave for a cup of the very best coffee, the wizards from Coffee Collective now offers you three locations where you can enjoy a nice cup of joe. You may already know the cafés on Jægersborggade and in Torvehallerne, but the most recent café is situated on Godthåbsvej in Frederiksberg.
The hardworking collective of coffee enthusiasts has designed and furnished an old machinery workshop, which give the whole place a unique character.
Not only can Coffee Collective’s patrons savor their coffee in beautiful surroundings – they can also follow every step brewing a nice cup of coffee.
The extremely high quality of coffee from Coffee Collective really makes you appreciate that coffee is not just coffee, but an agricultural product which takes skills, passion and knowledge to bring to its very best.