bookbinder Klara K


In conjunction with Tomas Tranströmer recieving the Nobel Prize for literature, Klara K has hand-bounded the book Dikter och Prosa 1954-2004. It will be shown at the Nobel Museum as part of an exhibitionthat that runs until june 2013 about Tranströmer’s work.

Klara wanted to take part specifically with a newly-printet book since she sometimes notice within her profession that people only stick to old first editions when things have to be “nice”. So it makes Klara particularly happy that this book has been commended for its craftwork and design.

Klara K has made the book as a classic full leather binding in blue chagrain goat. The title has been set with lead and embossed with 23 carat gold. The headband are hand sewn with silk string. On top of the bind there is a gilded line, but it breaks and the text drops over the edge.

In Tranströmer Klara see somebody who can’t stop writing; the words are flowing out of him in the same way that the book cover can no longer contain the text. It has to be the bookbinder’s main task to protect the text from dust, soot and moisture, but this is where she “fail” and the letters tumble over the edge. You will notice that the letters in Tranströmer’s name are displayed on the cover while the remaining letters of the alphabet appear on the back.

When you open the book you see a light-blue end papers which depicts the silhouette of a tree. This has been attached with blue silk string (white string has been used for the other layers). It’s the bookbinder Jørgen Berg who originally create the paper, and just like Tranströmer with his writing, Klara K believe Berg is a master within his field and she has learned a lot from him.

The cover of the box is made with clothe in the same grey-blue hue as the pages in the book, and the sides of the book have been lined with Tranströmer’s texts.

Bookbinder Klara K made it all with a twist in the same way she try to approach her craft.

Classic, but with a twist!