The notion of design is occasionally driven by a deeper curiosity for the elements. A main source of inspiration for Inge is light. Working with the highest quality of creamy white porcelain, her work underlines the powerful combination of organic contours and high translucency.

I recently sat down with Inge in her boutique/ studio space at Jægersborggade 27 to find out more about her.


Why ceramics?
I’ve always been creative, sewing costumes for myself as a kid. At that time it wasn’t about craftsmanship, just taking a piece of material and making it work. I began playing with clay about thirty-two years ago. Before I ever sold anything, I never thought I would make a living out of it – I just enjoyed creating. Also, my grandfather was a competent sculptor so maybe it’s in the genes.

You mentioned being creative, is there a distinction between what you do and art?
These two things are completely different. It’s really good when you can bring them together. There are many artists who are not very creative, they have big problems getting their work out there. Being creative is about transforming your ideas into something that others can relate to, not just for commercial success but also being appreciated. Creativity is about solving a lot of problems. Every single piece I do has its own timing, it’s difficult to find the “right” time so you really have to enjoy this iterative process of experimenting while making.

What is the expression of your work?
My work is organic, tactile, [plays with] light, structure and shape. It’s the idea of “being its own”, I’d hate for a piece to look like something else. Sometimes I do wonder why this as a profession. When people see my work that came out of long experimentation, they may not know what it is but they see my thought behind the piece then it all clicks.

Is there a favorite tool?
My hands.

What’s it like being based out of Copenhagen?
[Living in Copenhagen] is a really cool way of living. A small capital yet a very livable city and family-friendly. As opposed to larger capitals, you can bike everywhere, you can go swimming in the ocean, the people are environmentally conscious, there’s just fantastic quality of life here.

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