What is CPHmade

We have selected an exclusive range of urban craftsmen who are guaranteed to thrill.

On a quest to celebrate the unique
Copenhagen hosts a subculture of quite distinct manufacturing companies that produce a range of astonishing products in the heart of the city. CPHmade has the honour of representing all these fine companies.

We are on a quest to celebrate great local craftsmanship. To show the world that not all products come with a ‘Made in China’ label. And because we think that our members are unique in many ways – history, product quality and fine service – we want to bring them to your attention and show that Copenhagen is much more than The Little Mermaid.

CPHmade is embracing the very best – cross categories. Delicious chocolate, cool custom built motorcycles, extremely tasty beer, first-class furniture, high-end jewellery and of course what would Copenhagen be without hand built bicycles. In short the best tradition in design and the very best craftsmen in the city.

Shopping for more than just a product
When you choose to step into our world of quality and authenticity you will easily be seduced by what our members have to offer – but you have to experience this for yourself.

If you plan a trip down this unique lane or if you cannot visit our members yourself, go to the website. Here you can shop the products, see passionate craftsmanship and experience the urban diversity for yourself.

Enjoy your stay in our great city!

When things matter.