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Grapic poster with Botanic motive.

Nygårds Maria colors and blok prints her own paper to get the right nuance and surface.
The motives start with pencil studies inspired by the form and shape of plants and nature.
Then translated into paper clip - cutting and composing a graphic artwork.
The latin plant name is hand written in pencil, as a Herbarium.

Growing up in Sweden with design and art studies from Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. Living, working and printing in Copenhagen.
In her own studio Maria works with graphic design, textile patterns, product design and prints.

For CPHMADE she has these strong Graphic posters.

Printed on high quality paper
190 g Epson water color paper
size: 50X70 cm

Designed by: Nygårds Maria Bengtsson

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Price: €95.00

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