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September 2013

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August 2013

Dear friends,

Already late August and most of us are now 11 months away from the next long holiday! Luckily, CPHmade is reenergized after the summer break and we are ready to offer you lots of happy moments – we hope anyway.

Let’s get right to it:

Join one of the many late summer CPHmade guided tours

We started our tour program in early May and we are still offering a wide range of different strolls thought the city where we visit a number of our members.

You might want to consider joining our Vesterbro Tour on Sep 2, our Art Tour on Sep 9 or our Tasty Tour on Sep 12. All tours are guided by us and take approx. 2 hours. Read all about the tours and whom we visit in

You are also welcome to contact us for your own tailor-made tour.

Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age

-but being a gentleman is a matter of choice

Remember our Gentlemen’s Evening on Sep 3rd at Carl Hansen’s Flagship Store in Bredgade 21. We will do our best to both show you how CPHmade members can help you becoming more gentlemanish – and be real gentlemen ourselves all evening.

Throughout the evening, you will stumble upon everything from handmade shoes, exclusive pipes, quality leather bags and everything in between.

You can also get the chance to experience the world premiere of the CPHmade bicycle by Sögreni! This you shouldn’t miss.

During the evening you will have the chance to meet and greet some of Copenhagen’s finest craftsmen, and get the unique story to their unique products. We will be serving a glass of complimentary champagne.

Read more and sign up at – ticket price is 125 DKK

Meet CPHmade

If you have any ideas, comments or if you are just curious to know more about our network and our members please always feel free to contact us – via phone, email, Facebook or a meeting.

Also, if you suggestions for new members we would love to hear from you.

By the way, when you have 65 sec. take a look at our presentation video:

Learn to make the perfect chocolate-coated marshmallows (in Danish: Flødeboller)

– 24 September from 7-9pm at Coffee Collective, Frederiksberg

Together with our member Chocolatier Mr. Rasmus Olsen from Ro Chocolade we would like to invite to an evening where Rasmus will teach us how to make the perfect cream puffs – and give you the chance to taste.

This event takes place at Coffee Collective at Godthåbsvej 34B, Frederiksberg. Coffee Collective will also demonstrate great coffee brewing and offer a cup of coffee.

Read more and sign up at – ticket price is 100 DKK

NOTE: Only room for 25 guests.


More news next month,

The CPHmade team


July 2013

Dear friends,

While many of you are hopefully enjoying a few well-deserved weeks of holiday and relaxation, let us just prepare you for two interesting events after the summer break.

Gentlemen’s Evening 3 September from 6-10pm in Bredgade, Copenhagen

In association with Carl Hansen & Son, CPHmade hereby invites you to an exclusive evening in Bredgade 21, where you can see and experience a wide range of fantastic products for the classic and contemporary gentleman.

All the products are manufactured in Copenhagen by passionate craftsmen, and to set the scene we have gathered an impressive range of indispensable temptations in Carl Hansen & Son’s impressive flagship store.

Throughout the evening, you will stumble upon everything from handcrafted alpine skis, high-end loudspeakers, shoes made by hand, exclusive pipes and everything in between. During the evening you will have the chance to meet and greet some of Copenhagen’s finest craftsmen, and get the unique story to their unique products. We will be serving a glass of complimentary champagne.

Read more and sign up at – ticket price is 125 DKK

Learn to make the perfect chocolate-coated marshmallows (in Danish: Flødeboller)

– 24 September from 7-9pm at Coffee Collective, Frederiksberg

Together with our member Chocolatier Mr. Rasmus Olsen from Ro Chocolade we would like to invite to an evening where Rasmus will teach us how to make the perfect chocolate-covered marshmallows  – and give you the chance to taste.

This event takes place at Coffee Collective at Godthåbsvej 34B, Frederiksberg. Coffee Collective will also demonstrate great coffee brewing and offer a cup of coffee.

Read more and sign up at – ticket price is 100 DKK

NOTE: Only room for 25 guests.


Hope to see you in September,

The CPHmade team

June 2013

Dear friend,

Greetings from sunny and warm Copenhagen – finally!

Allow us to share latest news from our world of local craftsmanship:

Copenhagen – the most livable city 2013

For the second time Monocle has ranked Copenhagen the most livable city 2013 – ahead of Melbourne, Helsinki and Tokyo. In an interview with Danish newspaper Politiken Monocle’s Editor-in-chief Mr. Tyler Brulé gives several reasons for this impressive ranking, including the city’s cultural life, urban development, bicycling infrastructure and gastronomy.

As a network of almost 100 local craftsmen all manufacturing their produce in our city we especially note that Mr. Brulé furthermore stresses that in order to stay at the top of the list in the years to come cities must also focus on small craftsmen – Monocle will assess cities’ local craftsmanship base as part of future rankings.

CPHmade fully concurs and we will be happy to pass on our experience about the role and importance of craftsmen as part of Copenhagen’s DNA. Just ask us Mr. Brulé :-)

We look forward to reading the July/August issue of Monocle.

You can read more about Copenhagen the most livable city 2013 here: (scroll down to ‘News’)

CPHmade Guided Tours summer 2013

Talking about craftsmanship may we suggest that you dear reader consider signing up for one of our guided tours to selected CPHmade members. You can read about our more than 20 different tours, including the Inner City Tour or the Furniture Tour.

You can also choose the easy way out and just sign up for our daily tour every Mon-Friday at 10am from our office here at Nytorv.


The rest

Now more than 1800 Likes on Facebook – many many thanks!

3 new members in the CPHmade webshop Antonie, SeeYouLater and Griffenshop –check out their products on

Enjoy a 5 Euro flat rate shipping price when you buy in our webshop – no matter where in the world you live.

Remember to read our Craftsmanship Abroad blogs – just because we are CPHmade it doesn’t mean we don’t like what others do – read more on

Until next month,


May 2013

Dear friend,

As you might have noticed already we have recently started our CPHmade Guided Tours where we take our guests around Copenhagen to meet some of members to experience local craftmanship and meet the people behind some of the great products being manufactured here in the city.

This Tuesday from 13-14.30 we have our first Jægersborggade Guided Tour at Nørrebro – here you will have the chance to meet Karamelleriet, Inge Vincents and Ro Chokolade. All within a few minutes walking distance from each other.

You can read all about the tour here –

As a special treat to all of you as some of our most loyal followers we offer this tour to our Newsletter subscribers completely free of charge. All you have to do is to reply to this email with your name and up to two family members/friends. Then we will confirm your participation and all you then have to do is to meet up outside Karamelleriet at Jægersborggade 25 at 12.55 on Tuesday – then I will take you around as your tour guide (Danish and English).

PS. Be fast as we only can accommodate max 20 people for this tour.

Hope to see you on Tuesday!


April 2013

Dear all

We are now ready to launch our latest initiative – CPHmade Guided Tours.

When you access you have a range of more than 20 different tours in the city. We will take you on a tour where you get the chance to meet some of the most interesting craftsmen in our city. On all of our tours you can meet some of the passionate craftsmen behind the great products being produced here in Copenhagen.

For instance you can choose a District Tour: The Inner City Tour takes you on a visit to Sögreni Bikes, SchönWerk and Sort Slips Hvidt Slips


You can choose the Furniture Tour, where you will meet Rud Rasmussen, LLLP and Griffenshop.


Most tours are 1,5-2 hours walking tours and you can choose English, Danish or Chinese speaking tours – all tours are done by our own guides who will accompany you from start to finish.

Read more about all the tours in our program or contact us if you have a special request for a tailor-made tour. You can also sign up and buy your tickets directly on

We are looking forward to welcoming you from early May on the first guided tours!

March 2013

Dear friends,

When the weather here in Copenhagen cannot give us any hope of spring arriving soon, maybe CPHmade can provide a bit of sunshine and warmth…

For instance, while we wait for temperatures to break the zero-degree barrier, why don’t you go to to take a look at the many different bicycle alternatives we offer. Hey, you might actually be able to go for a ride one day, when/if the snow decides to pull back. One of our latest members is Bambuscykler, offering you a bicycle frame made of bamboo. The look is fantastic, the frame is stronger than steel and the sustainability factor gives you a solid feeling of being good to Planet Earth. During this current mini Ice Age, think about that when you use your car or the bus to move around the city – burning off a lot of fossil fuels.

No matter your choice of transportation vehicle, let us encourage you to go for a visit to Leather Projects – another new CPHmade member. Leather Projects in Teglgårdsstræde crafts leather belts, wallets, iPhone covers and more – everything is hand made and of the very best quality. Exactly the kind of attitude and approach to manufacturing that CPHmade loves to represent. If you cannot find your way or if you get lost, check out new member Kortkartellet and see their fantastic city maps. Copenhagen has never been more enchanting!

Now, time and space will not allow us to tell you about all our members here – so let’s just tell you that we are closing in on almost 100 members just 18 months after having started CPHmade. All great manufactures and all producing stuff here in the city –come rain, sun, snow or more snow…

So much great things being produced here, so many passionate craftsmen and such a wonderful alternative to the traditional city story telling.

If we have managed to raise your level of curiosity, hurry to and read the latest stories from the world of CPH based manufacturing – and enjoy our new website design, including the CPHmade webshop.

In our April newsletter we hope to be able to present to you our final CPHmade Guided Tours concept – as well as our RestaurantGuide: Find the best and most authentic Copenhagen-based restaurants. So stay tuned for more.

February 2013

Dear friend

Time for February update from the CPHmade team:

CPHmade guided tours

Even though it is still freezingly cold outside we are up to full speed in our preparations to the first organized and regular CPHmade guided tours. When summer is back we will be offering you and everybody else with an interest in the city’s manufacturing base a guided tour to selected members. We will are planning on doing tours like:

  • City district tours, where you can visit members in e.g. Vesterbro or Nørrebro
  • Gentlemen tours, where you can visit/see breweries, motorcycle garages, neckties/belts/briefcases, loudspeakers…
  • Design tours which will take you to members offering bicycles, ceramics, eyewear, jewelries…
  • Fashion tours, including haut couture, shoes, furs and more

We will be updating on our website as things fall in place. We plan to offer guided tours in several languages, including English and Mandarin. If you want to be the first to know, send Asger an email and you will automatically be put on our VIP list.

Facebook followersOur fan base is still growing and we have now passed 500 Likes. We hope this is both because you like the CPHmade idea, our members and our regular updates on what is happening within Copenhagen manufacturing and craftsmanship. If you have specific requests on what you would like us to inform about in the future, please let us know.

You can also follow us on – regular news on frontpage.

New membersOur membership base is also up, and now also includes latest members like Emquies-Holstein, I.W. Hvidberg, Monamore Design and Thorseng-Lærches Modesalon. You can read more about our members under ‘Craftsmen’ on the website.

All for now – back with more news in mid March,

The CPHmade team

January 2013

Dear friend

A new month in a new year – time for an update from CPHmade. Here it is:

Member stories – can you help?

In 2012 we brought more than 200 stories about CPHmade members on Facebook and – stories on new products, new launches, member cooperations, new venues, new members and lots of other news. Always with pictures and always with the intention to inform about manufacturing in Copenhagen by extremely passionate craftsmen. We hope you are enjoying our regular updates, and we are happy to see our Facebook followers having passed 400 Likes.

Whilst we intend to continue this in 2013 and beyond, maybe we can ask you to help us. Let us know which kind of member updates you prefer. The most simple way to do this is to ask you to tell us which 2012 story you liked the most – and briefly why. We will pick the best entry and reward with a basket of CPHmade products.

Send your entry by email to – latest by January 31. Then we will inform the winer directly and tell more in our February Newsletter.

Meet your audience – how about meeting you?

We love to tell people about CPHmade – and this is why we normally say yes when approached by organizations and others who invite us to tell about the magic products from Copenhagen. Coming up just around the corner are presentations to international students in Copenhagen and a tourist agency from Italy. Both have shown an interest in knowing more about CPHmade.

If your organization wants to know more about how and when CPHmade can tell you about juggling hats, customized skis, great ceramics, tempting chocolate and beautiful furniture – just to name a few product categories in our network – contact us and we will be happy to do our very best to arrange a seminar.

CPHmade moving out

In our attempt to expand CPHmade we will be meeting with potential partners around the world over the next 3 months – to see if we can agree on where, when and how to establish physical CPHmade stores. We would love to be able to gather our members products under one roof – for you to see, feel, love and buy!

More on this as we move further into 2013 – we promise regular updates.

All for now, back in mid February

December 2012

Dear reader,

Time for this month’s CPHmade Newsletter – this time we look both back and into the new year:


November 2012

Dear all

Last Saturday CPHmade hosted the first annual CPHmade Market Day – in a partnership with the Danish national newspaper Politiken.

We are happy to say that the Market Day was a great success – lost of visitors, great ambience, guests positively surprised when seeing the variety and quality of products produced in our city – and 30 happy CPHmade members proudly displaying their great works.

So the CPHmade Market Day concept is here to stay – and we will be back again next year. Stay tuned and check our website in January for date and venue for the 2013 CPHmade Market Day.


See the entire pictury gallery on

October 2012

Dear All

When we started CPHmade just over 1 year ago I don’t think that we in our wildest dreams had dared imagine what the network has turned into already:

We are now 60+ members and on our way to 70

In our webshop we are selling CPHmade products to customers all over the world – from Norway to Japan

We have entered serious discussions with potential partners about opening CPHmade retail stores in 2013 – and not only in Denmark

Our CPHmade Market Day next month together with Politiken will hosts 30 of our members – who will display everything from candies to fashion, furniture and bikes. We expect between 1500-2500 visitors – including all of you of course

End of October Asger has been invited to a European conference in Vilnius to present and discuss the CPHmade case

We have now agreed with a partner to organize and market guided tours to CPHmade members for tourists, primarily from Asia – this is already being communicated in Asia

We have done more than 200 blogs about our members so far – everything from new product launches to events, co-operations and great designs

Lots and lots of plans for new activities next year – so stay tuned!

And please remember: We would be thrilled to hear your ideas and comments. So do shout!


September 2012

This month’s CPHmade Newsletter is short and right to the point:

August 2012

Dear friends,

The summer might officially be coming to an end soon – but the sun is definitely still shining on us. Let us share the warmth with all of you:

More members – and still counting

Tom Rossau, MultiTaske, Ragnar R. Jørgensen, Nyhavns Glaspusteri – and more in the pipeline…

Soon we will hit the 60 members mark. Not that the number is a target in itself, but of course a strong membership base will leverage our platform for acting as a strong spokesperson for our members. Besides we just love to meet new passionate people who love what they produce.

But while we think we are active ourselves here at the CPHmade war room, it easily pales in comparison with what our members are doing themselves. A few examples:

Last week Karina Hunn, Emdal Colorknit and Tina Marie Bentsen were all displaying their designs and product range at the annual Crafts Fair in Copenhagen – 10 hours a day standing up. Hats off!

Wrenchmonkees are launching their new apparel collection – developed in a co-operation with the Kansas work wear brand. Watch the intro films on our site…

Eltang Pipes has just presented their new CPHmade pibe by Tom Eltang pipe – we are so honoured.

Sort Slips Hvidt Slips are just back from a successful Copenhagen Fashion Week fair – just last week.

Recycles are almost ready with their new combined showroom and workspace – check it out – it looks great already.

And several members have started cooperating – developing new products together and helping each other. We will inform about all these exciting projects when they are ready and we get the green light to launch the story to all of you.

In the near future

New features and still more interesting products in our webshop.

Guided tours to members.

News on the CPHmade Christmas Fair in downtown Copenhagen in November.

..and of course daily blogs on what our members are doing, creating, developing and much more.

All for now. But remember that you are always welcome to send us an email with questions, suggestions and your comments.


July 2012 (newsletters will from now on be in English)

Dear friends,

As we get more and more sign ups from abroad we have taken the brave decision to broadcast all news from now on in English. ‘Brave’ because we know that we risk loosing a few of our Danish friends and ‘brave’ because we now write in a language where we might not always express ourselves equally lyrically.

But hey, we started this network with a brave decision just to try it, not having the faintest idea whether we were on to something which was watertight. But – maybe surprisingly to a few people out there – we are still here. Actually still here stronger than ever; in just 10 months we have grown our network from less than 10 – again ‘brave’ is the right word – members who trusted our idea to more than 50 fantastic companies today.

If anyone agrees to the payoff ‘Just do it’ we are the ones.

Getting to the news…

At a glance:

  • More new members since our last newsletter – latest Toril Bækmark – welcome to you Toril, great to have you in our network – to all the rest of you: check Toril Bækmark under ‘Producers’ on our website.
  • Webshop launched – lots of work – now we cross our fingers and hope for lots of sale as well – well, actually, we also do support our new shop by marketing it here and there – and we hope for your support as well. So please spread the word…
  • We have done a new presentation video of CPHmade – check it out on the website or by clicking here
  • In August we will launch a new service to tourists visiting Copenhagen. As a visitor you will soon have the chance for an alternative to the traditional guided tours to our city’s historic sites – you can sign up for a visit to a selected few of our members who will demonstrate good old fashioned craftsmanship and the end products – well-designed bikes, beautiful jewelleries, well crafted furniture and much more. More details in our next newsletter.
  • You can also order a lecture on why local production matters and how Copenhagen based manufacturers differ from anonymous mass production. A few hints here: Authenticity, quality, pride of place, uniqueness and attention to even the smallest detail – not to forget outstanding service. If interested send Asger an email on
  • We are constantly working on expanding the narratives on all our member presentations – by writing more and more interesting tales on who they are and what they do – and by including video presentations. For more please check the first videos – Rud Rasmussen, Sømods Bolcher, P.Hertz and Ask Emil.

All for now. But remember that you are always welcome to send us an email with questions, suggestions and your comments.

We will be back in August with more news,

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