In the persuit of clean mechanical aesthetics we seek to explore the basic expression of life on a motorbike. We do not necessarily focus on extreme performance, flashy colours or aerodynamics, but seek to build motorcycles with individual styling and an dynamic driving experience that relates to the style of each motorcycle.

We love Japanese, British, Italian, American motorcycles.
Nearly all the manufactureres have models that would make great Monkee bikes.
We don’t need legendary models to build legendary motorcycles. We choose our building blocks based on original frame design and engine configuration and every creation rolling out of our garage is built from these key elements with love and affection. We have been building customized motorcycles for the past ten years, the last two as the Wrenchmonkees.

Based in Copenhagen we build unique motorcycles for our clients and since we want our bikes to be used we offer different services depending on the rules and regulations in the country they live in. We can build one for you.

Wrenchmonkees ApS
Uplandsgade 72
DK – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 4010 5305


Honda CB 750 K

Description coming soon.

Bike Details:
- Standard engine. WM custom paint. Standard Carbs. Standard frame, WM rear frame and seat. Standard tank.
- 16" aluminum wheels, Coker classic tyres.
- Bitubo rearshocks. Kawasaki Z 1000 J swingarm. H-D front fork and tripple trees.
- Lockheed calipers. WM footpegs, handlebar and clamps. WM grips.
- WM headlight bracket. WM rearlight. WM rear fender

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Designed by: Wrenchmonkees

Product in stock

Price: €22,000.00

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