WoodCouture, handmade architecture

WoodCouture keeps exploring the boarders between architecture and craft with custom made skis and furniture. Architects Petter Brandberg and Sigurd Elling are driven by a passion for quality and the unique. In their Copenhagen workshop materials, form and process are constantly challenged. WoodCouture produces a wide range of products. Each product is made with focus on function and user experience.

”I’m very interested in the feeling you have when skiing. Not in how fast or how much the skis turn. But in how it feels when you turn and how the skis respond when you put pressure on them.” (Petter Brandberg, ski maker and architect, WoodCouture)

 ”Our architectural process begins with the first line on paper and doesn’t end until the product is done. We keep the person who will be using it in mind throughout the entire process. People come to us with their ideas and we listen, offer suggestions, sketch and build it from the ground up. Everything is custom made. No two people are the same, so our products aren’t either.” (Sigurd Elling, architect and designer, WoodCouture)

WoodCouture is part of the cultural- and entrepreneurial milieu at Prags Boulevard 43 in Copenhagen – a former paint factory which now hosts architects, cirque nouveau troupes, ceramic artists, cabinet makers, event makers, record labels, a publishing house, a gallery, and a cultural venue.

Contact WoodCouture via mail or telephone or stroll by their open workshop for ordering.

v/ Sigurd Elling og Petter Brandberg
Prags Boulevard 43 (PB43)
Dk  – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 3025 3124 / +45 3157 0666
E-mail: mail@woodcouture.dk