Exciting news from our ski architects from WoodCouture!

The always productive guys from WoodCouture, Sigurd and Petter, are constantly exploring the borders between architecture and craftsmanship, pushing the craftsmen to create everything from custom-made skis to astonishing furniture.
WoodCouture has been rather busy this winter, delivering lots of custom-made skis to a lot of intrigued customers, but with almost every hour spent on creating skis for other people; Petter decided to design a pair of skis for himself. With the usual quality from WoodCouture, Petter decided to design a couple of fast skis called “telemark sticks”. The skis are crafted and designed with the purpose of getting more “fun” (read: speed) out of relatively flat ski areas, and as Petter says: “if your mountain is only a hill, you need to design your skis accordingly.
With the sole purpose of showing you all the quirky, yet clean ski design and how well the skis perform, WoodCouture created this video. Enjoy!
[youtubevideo url=Ep8trxnhBL0]