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Founder and owner Mr. Mikkel Willumsen says:

Hello – my name is Mikkel Willumsen. Beside playing music all my life (sing, Playing The blues Harp and Congas and all kind of percussion) I have been a Pro custom knifemaker for 10 years located in the heart of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I graduated in 2000 as teacher in metal and woodwork, and decided after my graduation that knifemaking should be my future. I already got the interest for knives as a child and collected many different kinds of knives back then. I am specialized in folding knives, fixed blades and balisongs. Further to these items I make kitchen knives.

I am primarily influenced by design that is function and quality based, therefore I use the best material for my knives. My style is tactical and I use the name Urban Tactical for my work. I get my inspiration from classical designs mixed with modern tactics. To give you an idea one of my customers told me recently that my knives look like a Hummer and built like a tank!!! Feel free to mail me for any further questions!

Mikkel Willumsen 
Nyrnberggade 23
DK – 2300 Copenhagen S
Tel: +45 2118 2116
E-mail: mw@willumsen-cph.com
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Willumsen’s knifes is cutting edge



Willumsen is about the steel, layers of strength and function. On top Mikkel is a truly dedicated craftsman. Willumsen is to most a deep secret, but not between the most famous chefs in Copenhagen. They demand what only few can deliver – the best! Mikkel Willumsen is the best hence in high demand, famous in the US for the detailed folding knifes and by restaurant chefs for the true wonders he delivers to the kitchen of most top restaurants on home turf as well as abroad. Above is presented two of the most used knifes in the Willumsen’s range – retail price € 3320 per knife.

Mikkel Willumsen in distinguished US partnership

United Cutlery in the US has paired with Copenhagen based custom knifemaker Mikkel Willumsen of Denmark to produce a new line of knives, including his popular “Blondie” model.

Willumsen has been a custom knifemaker for the past ten years in Copenhagen, Denmark, calling his designs Urban Tactical. Specializing in folders, fixed blades and balisongs, Willumsen’s designs are based on functionality and quality, mixing classical designs with modern tactics. Renown for his inovative and tactical designs, Mikkel Willumsen brings his talents and knifemaking experience to United® Cutlery.

“We are thrilled to partner with Mikkel Willumsen,” said Clint Kadel, CEO and owner of United® Cutlery. “Mikkel is a well respected designer with years of experience. Willumsen’s knives are already highly sought-after in the custom-knife world, fetching as much as $600 each for a tactical folder.