Whether you are on the lookout for unique decor, ceramics, bicycles, candy, hats, shoes, furniture or just fancy a beer and want to dwell for hours over bikes from Jamesville or Wrenchmonkees, we have made it easy for you, because we have gathered it all at Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen tonight!

Reason why? Well if you need a reason, we celebrate a special cooperation between two of our members. Nørrebro Bryghus and Sømods Bolcher (beer and candy) pulled resources in craftsmanship together and came up with a beer out for the ordinary. This we celebrate today with our entire staff, Cphmade members, press, friends and the Copenhagen Mayor of Culture…to name just a few! Come join us between 6 and 8 pm tonight at Nørrebro Bryghus.

See you, Brian