Thorseng Lærche’s modesalon

Kronprinsessegade 15
1306 København K

Exclusive dresses with focus on craftmandship, quality, and fashion

Thorseng Lærche’s Modesalon is placed at Kongens Have, downtown Copenhagen,  where you will find a very elegant ”dressing room”. Here all the designs come to life and Ms. Lærche’s haute couture models are fitted to perfection in excuisited materials of the highest quality.

Susse Thorseng Lærche has been an entrepreneurial dressmaker for 20 years, during which she has created individual models to a concious clientel  with specific demands for craftmandship, quality, and design.

The individual and perfect fit, high quality, and elegance are all contributive to making a women appear stylish and beautifully dressed. 

Thorseng Lærche’s modesalon
Ved Susse Thorseng Lærche
Kronprinsessegade 15
DK – 1306 København K
Tel: +45 3026 4531


Blog Features

A luxurious guided tour in Copenhagen

On a sunny Friday we yet again hosted a CPHmade Guided Tour.
This tour was centred on luxurious products, and we showed our audience some of the very best craftsmen in the city, and we are quite sure that this tour has generated a lot of wishes for birthdays and Christmases to come!

We started off by visiting the furrier Pia Christensen in her workspace on Gothersgade.
Pia showed us around in her workshop, and showed an intrigued audience all kinds of samples of her beautiful creations.
Furthermore, Ms. Christensen answered questions concerning her profession and gave us insight in the work processes of a traditional, yet modern furrier.

Next we walked to Thorseng Lærches Modesalon on Kronprinsensgade.
Susse welcomed us in her fitting room, a charming pavilion situated in Kings Garden.
Susse showed us examples of her haute couture creations, and gave us an introduction to her craftsmanship whilst she explained her views on women’s tailoring in modern times.

Finally we walked to one of Denmark’s oldest and most traditional jewelleries, P. Hertz.
Berit Hertz, who shortly introduced us to the story of P. Hertz, welcomed us in their impressive, charming shop on Købmagergade.
Ms. Hertz and her staff invited us on a cup of coffee, and to a clearly intrigued audience Ms. Hertz showed us examples of the high quality of jewellery that P. Hertz represents.

CPHmade would like to thank all participating guests for establishing a cosy atmosphere during this our, and we hope to see more of you guys out there!

More photos from the luxury tour is available here