Susanne Juul

Store Kongensgade 14
1264 København

At Susanne Juuls’ boutique you can order a handmade hat in one of Susanne’s designs and in just the color and size that you prefer. Susanne produces her hats from a-z following traditional craftmansship. Susanne has more than 250 different hat forms.

Her assortment ranges from everyday wear to summer hats, party hats and hats for official use, and aloways in the very best quality and materials from suppliers all over the world.

Susanne Juul
St. Kongensgade 14
DK – 1264 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 3334 2522
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Hats, Hats, Hats

When you think of hats, you probably have a quite clear understanding of what a proper hat looks like: functioning as covering for the head, often with a shaped crown and brim to keep rain and sun away.

However, the understanding of a classic hat varies from person to person, and handmade hats do not always feature large brims.
As it turns out, small 1950’s styled hats with small brims are also very popular, and Susanne Juul creates some of the most beautilful ones you can find offering a wide selection of different kinds of trimming.

One of Susannes latest creations was decorated with ivy
leaves hand-formed in felt, ordered by a customer with ivy growing all
over her house. Susanne Juul can basically create every kind of leaf you can possibly imagine in felt, which makes her hats unique and individual.

Glögg wine at hatmaker Susanne Juul on Saturday 1st Dec

This year Susanne Juul can celebrate 21 years with workshop and shop in St. Kongensgade – so Susanne will serve glögg wine on the day from 1pm.

CPHmade member cooperation

Currently Ragnar R. Jørgensen’s hat pins beautify Susanne Juul’s shop window in Store Kongensgade. Well done!

We have more and more members working together and we will publicize several of these continuously.

Susanne Juul’s summer collection is out

summer collectionIf you are looking for a new summer hat do walk by Susanne Juul in Store Kongensgade – her new collection is just out… – best regards, Asger


A hat is born in Copenhagen

[vimeovideo url=35497575]

Lean back and enjoy true craftsmanship… :-)