pencil design 2015
Something is going on in pencils in 2015 – it seams like a new focus is surfaced – We risk our reputation and point to a new contemporary trend in the furniture / living segment.
We are fund of new ideas, but even more curious when a designer integrate basic elements in new design. And since the good old pencil are no longer is use by most designers and people at large why not give it a new assignment in design – because it’s still a cool object whether used in a more traditional way or not!
Our Danish Craftsmen Tom Rossau joined the club of enthusiastic designers and craftsman who found a new use for this fantastic and more than 150 year old invention.
made in copenhagen, denmark
Tom is famous for another iconic lamp, but perhaps this new model can create even more brand buzz for Tom Rossau.
made in denmark
Other designers tipped in during the last 12 month and they are making a wide range of possible new pencil icons. Perhaps it’s just because they needed new ideas or source of inspiration. But it’s rather funny taking into consideration that most designers have had a pencil close by for many years.
For now I just enjoy the new take on an old object.
Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153930 blog from Copenhagen
 Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153932 Blog from Copenhagen
Last in this new trend, it seams like pencils has drawn the attention of not just designers but other creative minds as well – for them pencil lead is now used as a micro canvas. This is rather new to most but thanks to google picture search we found a range of this new art form – perhaps we all need to sharpen the pencil in a new way too.
Evernote Camera Roll 20150226 153933 pencil art
It seams like there is no turning back – SS 2015 pencil trend – How do you use your pencil?