Sigarhats is a small company, making headwear for locals and foreigners in Copenhagen North West. We proudly produce all of our headwear in a small basement, using the finest fabrics, making the most supreme hats & caps. As a starting point all of our caps are unique designs. We further more like the idea of different concepts:

Made-on-demand caps, is where the owners choice of fabric, shape, size of bill and personal printed neck label makes the final result. One-meter-production is where the fabric used is only available in total of one meter at the production site. After being used in various projects, new patterns and fabrics will replace it, never to be replicated. Two-of-a-kind is building up a story attached to the product. It lets you carry a cap that no one else has, except for one other person on the planet. And it lets you know a fraction of that person’s life. SIGAR Hats likes to consider you as part of the material that creates us. Therefore do not hesitate to get yourself involved, and try to build up my world, on the values of your own.

Explore our basement factory at Glentevej in Copenhagen North West.

Please remember to make an appointment in advance.

Best Reguards, Silas Gärtner

SIGAR Hats & Caps
Silas Gärtner
Glentevej 50, basement
2400 Kbh. NVTlf. 28 14 89 29