Ragnar R. Jørgensen

Classensgade 6
2100 København Ø

Ragnar R. Jørgensen is today one of Denmark’s most renowned jewelry designers with a unique experience in the design and manufacture of jewelry, hollowware and accessories as well as other arts.

All jewelry is designed by Ragnar R. Jørgensen and all production takes place “in house” at our jewelery workshop in Copenhagen. This means that we have control over the entire process and all the details from the first stroke to the finished work.

There is thus Danish crafts of the highest quality with soul and consideration. Like in the old days and also at very competitive prices. We take as a point of honor to give you the most for your money.

Ragnar R. Jørgensen
Classensgade 6
DK – 2100 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 2361 6075
Email: info@rrj.dk

Blog Features

Student job at Ragnar R Jørgensen

If you speak Danish do check the possibility to join CPHmade member Ragnar R Jørgensen as a student- go the Danish site for details.

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CPHmade member cooperation

Currently Ragnar R. Jørgensen’s hat pins beautify Susanne Juul’s shop window in Store Kongensgade. Well done!

We have more and more members working together and we will publicize several of these continuously.