New Nordic kitchen is manmade craftsmanship to the bone!

Somewhere in Copenhagen a bunch of guys sad down, arguable because they knew a thing or two about what Copenhagen is offering when it comes to good food aesthetic and true gourmet experiences.

This day they met because they were getting a little fed up with the fact that the Nordic kitchen is all about the best of the best in exotic gourmet tasting – now known as the new Nordic style.

The world has come to appreciate the Nordic kitchen as one to watch and experience. In other words the Scandinavian countries have become all about ants and burning hay.


But the truth of it all… is much more – and it starts with having access to quality. Quality in all ingredients whether that being the best greens or meat, and on top of all this richness comes the craftsmanship and creative minds that dared to develop in the last decade or so.

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Creative minds are all about disruption these days – kind of delivering the unexpected in a traditional context.

That day somewhere in Copenhagen the bunch of gourmet enthusiasts wanted to riot against a less enthusiastic part of the food culture – specifically the category with an overflow of concept chains, supplying a happy meal – though less proud and less in line with the new heritage fast food category.

The guys were kind of fed up with the burger culture – a culture with, if any, only little link to the Scandinavian food culture known to the world.

This day this bunch of guys, decided to make burgers an art. Not so much in presentation but in taste. They didn’t want the joint to stand out but to embrace the regular customer, delivering taste at a reasonable price.

A very clean concept was born, offering the best burger with a nice daiquiri on the side.

The boys in the hood knew what they wanted, but more important they knew how to get everything just right. This is far from the first restaurant they build from scratch.

The Burger joint is a must for all mankind visiting Copenhagen. Minimalistic and fresh concept with the coolest name: Jagger

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The boys have not just eye for taste and simplicity, they also know a thing or two about the right gear. Don’t be shy to ask about the coolers making the daiquiris.


Jonas (photographer) and I visited the Jagger on a Friday – we managed to fit in an interview in just before lunch. This Friday was kind of special because the manager was watching the phone more regularly than normally, his wife could go into labor any hour soon. Nevertheless we got a great effortless and passionate presentation of the concept, food and gear.

On top of the tasting experience that I will return to shortly, we also took notice of something else.

Jagger is sustainable on so many levels, but since I already touched on quality in ingredients, I happily want to report about the selection of staff. We are not all born without abnormality, but in this kitchen there is room for the passionate and skilled whether they fit a common standard or not! We really embrace this, and if for no other reason we would recommend Jagger on that note.

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But Jagger is just 100% – because the experience in taste made Jonas and I so happy that the bunch of guys set out to disrupt the burger industry. This was truly a lunch worth remembering.

Next time you are in town and want to dwell on Copenhagen craftsmanship and disruptive behavior – Jagger is absolutely worth a visit and don’t forget to try the manmade sauces on the table.

Brian (a returning customer) // for CPHmade

Photo by Jonas – Jonasdanholt.com

NOTE: we have been labeled getting paid for doing these kind of interviews. We are of course not – we paid for our own lunch, just like everybody else.