Axelborg – Vesterbrogade 4A
1620 København V

Founder and chocolatier Rasmus Bo Bojesen:

It is 30 years since I “fell into the chocolate pot” thanks to the legendary monsieur Bernachon. My life took me along winding roads through hotels and restaurant kitchens in Denmark, Japan and France – and in France via Michel Troigros to Lyon, straight into the back room of one of the most prestigious Chocolatiers, monsieur Bernachon, who ran a chocolate shop with his family.

I have been working with chocolate ever since. I always wanted to mix the ingredients from the salty and the sweet cuisine to surprise people’s taste. The marriage between spices and chocolate has resulted in many surprising tasting experiences – not normally associated with classical chocolate.

In 2006 I was so fortunate to get the possibility of developing my own chocolate. I wanted to stray away from traditional chocolate taste and add my personal and subjective criteria. Chocolate is not just chocolate. Chocolate is like wine – many factors influence the final taste. Factors like the bean, the soil, the harvest, the fermenting and the climate.

For long I have had the ambition of making a high quality organic chocolate. Again I was fortunate to be presented to pure, organic cacao beans growing wild in the Amazon jungle. Oialla is a bean-to-bar product and is the result of this adventure – it has a long and mild taste and is acknowledged by leading chefs around the world. Moreover this project gave a new understanding of the whole value chain and valuable relations in the Amazon.

You can buy our chocolate assortment in our shop at Axelborg, Vesterbrogade 4A, 1st floor – as well as here on www.CPHmade.org

You are more than welcome to call us for more information.

Oialla A/S
Vesterbrogade 4A
DK – 1620 Copenhagen V
Tel: +45 3391 4600

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Blog Features

Copenhagen Food Fair 2013 is here!

Copenhagen Food Fair 2013

This week, between the 24th and the 27th February, takes place the Copenhagen Food Fair 2013. The fair is providing a framework for an extremely popular food culture, with exhibitions from hundreds of producers and companies that are centering their work on food and taste.
We’re pleased to announce that three of our members are also taking part in this enriching activity. The members represented are: Oialla, Karamelleriet and ByBi.
Oialla is represented with their uncompromising quality of chocolate, and is part of the Organic association.
Karamelleriet is exhibiting their traditional, yet experimental varieties of caramels.
ByBi is proudly presenting their social-economic project on honey produced in Copenhagen, and is taking part in the Urban garden sector.

Practical information
Location of the fair: Bella Center, Center Boulevard 5-2300 København
Period: 24 – 27 February
Website: http://www.copenhagenfoodfair.dk

CPHmade members locations on the fair
Oialla: Hall: C2 / Stand no: C2-006
Karamelleriet: Hall: C1 / Stand no: C1-011C
ByBi: Hall: B3 / Stand no: B4-020

Oialla Chocolate – a world class lecture – Sunday the 3rd of February


Rasmus Bo Bojesen is by far one of the most inspiring chocolatier in the world. Meet Rasmus in Rundetårn on Købmagergade (between 2-4 pm.) downtown Copenhagen, giving a passionate lecture on how to develop first class chocolate beans and the transformation involved in turning beans into star quality chocolate.


Fantastic review of Oialla chocolate in NYTimes

CPHmade member Oialla Chocolate has been reviewed by New York Times. Read the March 7th article:

Oialla Chocolate – Bolivian Chocolate With a Passport