Nyhavns Glaspusteri

Toldbodgade 4
1253 København K

Despite his English-sounding name, Christian Edwards is born and raised in Copenhagen. A hint of artistic talent has always existed in the family, but Christian did not begin to pursue his interest until the mid 90s. What first started out as a retail shop for various crafts in 1995 soon turned into a strictly glass business in 1999 and by 2004 his own studio. Working with and observing a master within glassblowing, Christian picked up the skill in less than 3 years and has been developing his own unique technique ever since. It is both a job and a hobby which he enjoys.

The glass is both designed and hand blown by Christian. His work is characterized by soft and gentle forms, muted and subtle colors, and flowing shapes. Given the long Danish maritime tradition and the shop’s waterfront location by Nyhavn, one can also discern sea motifs, waves and movement in each piece. When you see the glass, you want to run your fingers along its smooth edges and follow its curves. More than simply arousing the visual sensation, it above all heightens the sense of touch. Neither provocative nor sensational, the pieces are meant to reflect simplicity through their classic and timeless designs, while being modern and functional at the same time. Pieces include drinking glasses, champagne flutes,bowls and plates, milk and sugar sets.

Nyhavns Glaspusteri
Toldbodgade 4
DK – 1253 Copenhagen K
Tel: +45 3313 0134
E-mail: info@copenhagenglass.dk

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The Nyhavn district is more than partying…

Welcome to Nyhavn Glaspusteri!

Christian Edwards’ interest in glass starting in 1995 with the sale of Danish studio glass from a shop in 4, Toldbodgade. His fascination of the glass material in 1999 led to a Christian also opening a workshop in the back building, and so a glassblower was born.

All glass is designed and fanned by Christian Edwards in his small workshop. His love for nature and especially the sea is reflected in his design – Christian focuses on simple design and the use of few colors.

When you see the glass you’ll want to slide your finger across the rounded edges and follow the soft, wavy curves. Rarely provocative or sensational, from vases to the more sculptural glass objects are working constantly towards new ways to express the simple and timeless.

Mr. Copenhagen Glassblower

Mr. Christian Edwards design, blow and mold the glass – and has done so for many years. Nyhavn Glaspusteri is the name of the store, and right behind the store, you will find the workshop. Mr. Edwards gladly show his well earned skills as one of the best in his field.

Glassblower in the heart of Copenhagen

Copenhagen today hosts a long list of great restaurants serving lovely food. Our new craftsman Christian Edwards has over the years worked together with some of Copenhagen’s finest restaurants, and developed a range of glass’ together with Thomas Rode Andersen from Kong Hans, Thomas Herman ( later restaurant Herman) and Formel B. All part of the Michelin guide and celebrated with one star. Go visit Christians inspiring studio at Toldbodgade 4.