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It’s very hard to find people who don’t like chocolate, and for the last couple of years there’s been an increased focus on high quality chocolate.

We’ve seen really big companies putting a lot of different high quality brands out to the costumers, offering high percents of pure cocoa etc.

But why not get your high quality chocolate directly from a chocolatier right here in Copenhagen? We have at least one skilled, dedicated chocolatier in the city, and his name is Rasmus Olsen.
Rasmus’ has a little shop in the vibrant street Jægersborggade in the city area Nørrebro, where he creates unique, sophisticate tastes of within chocolate.
Rasmus Olsen has been working with handmade chocolate for the last ten years, giving him an opportunity to perfect his craftsmanship.

RO Chokolade is really showing of their talent in this mouth watering video of the making of Rasmus’ amazing chocolate.  Make sure to check out our selection of RO Chokolade’s delicious chocolates right here!


[vimeovideo url=60891586]