Christmas idea

Meet the new square Kimono-scarf and the TARA COLLECTION from Emdal colorknit.

8b9c8c0c-c207-4bba-a635-b72b79431fb6The first Kimono-scarves are Inspired by TARA, the goddess of universal compassion and protection. TARA is a Tibetan buddhist goddess who represents the virtues of success in work and achievements. She is also known as the “mother of liberation” and “she who saves”. There are traditionally 21 different Tara´s with each their own color- and symbolic meanings.baa8cbe7-3116-4c69-ace6-f45c7a153d09

The scarfs are made in Denmark at Emdal´s studio located close to the Copenhagen beach on Amager. This is where all the magic knitted fabrics are carefully made by Signe Emdal’s hands with a vintage machinery.

e47152d2-ba39-44c6-8040-818eaa5210b0The TARA scarf is both a scarf and a kind of shawl. 
Especially suitable for meditation and yoga practices. The colors shown here is RED, LION, BLUE and GREEN TARA KIMONO-SCARF.

It is available from today at the Emdal onlineshop: