The swedish engraver Martin Mörck has joined forces with the very talented Copenhagen-based bookbinder Klara K. At the occasion of the “Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacobs” exhibition held by the “Musée Les Arts Décoratifs” in Paris in 2012, Louis Vuitton distributed a book about the two big personalities. The book featured illustrations of both Louis Vuitton himself, and the creative director since 1997, Marc Jacobs. The characteristic illustrations were created by Martin Mörck, and to present these illustrations and others in the most beautiful way Martin Mörck decided to join forces with the talented bookbinder Klara K.

As some of you may know Klara is actually the youngest bookbinder in Denmark, where she works with the traditional approach to the craftsmanship – bookbinding by hand. Klara sees it as her mission to perfect and uphold an old, traditional craftsmanship like bookbinding in a modern environment.

Klara K basically does everything within her craftsmanship, and she produces everything from boxes for perfumes, menucards to restaurants to classic first editions. For Martin Mörck’s illustrations Klara did a simple yet unique portfolio crafted in high-quality canvas. Hope you’ll enjoy the photos of this elegant portfolio, and learn more about Klara K in this (danish only, sorry) video.

[vimeovideo url=30679675]