Lone Løvschal

I’m a silversmith and designer working with a wide range of products; mainly jewellery, silverware and cutlery.
My work takes its starting point in the way we intend to use the objects in our daily life. By using organic and fluid forms, curved elegant lines and a strong graphic idiom, my aim is to create objects for the senses.

With my solid understanding of craftsmanship and materials, I design and make objects that are sensuous and tempting; that invite handling and wearing.

Spoons have a special place in my heart, due to their friendly and feminine character, but also because they represent everyday life, from birth to death, and always have done. When forging a spoon from a bar of silver I feel very happy; and it gives me great pleasure to transform a piece of raw metal into something so useful and elegant.

I find equal pleasure in designing for mass production as well as for limited series or one-offs. The way a piece of work is made is always of great interest to me. Technical considerations are not a hindrance to my creativity; If anything they feed into the development of a design.


Blog Features

Handcrafted bubbles

Bubbles are not only for new years eve.  Jeweler Lone Løvschal blows little bubbles for these gorgeous rings made in Copenhagen..

Løvshal handcrafted bubbles - CPHmade -made in DenmarkAlthough Løvschal is content with her path of work with metals she always dreamed of being a glassblower. So when she had the chance to try working with this other shiny but transparent material – she did. Practicing blowing tiny bubbles of vibrant and colorful glass in her workshop ended out as a poetic ring with a humorous twist. ‘In case of emergency – break the glass’ is the name of the rings that has a little diamond in the silver or gold ring with a protective bubble around it. Lone Løvschal is not mass producing her designs. As a customer she welcomes you to take part in the creating process choosing the materials and color to make it fit just right. She works with every piece with a respect for the material and the work process itself. That is the essence of what handcrafting is all about. Creating something unique that will last.. at least until a case of emergency!

The new Coral Collection by Lone Løvschal

Inspired by the button of the ocean Lone Løvchal has made a new jewellery collection called the Coral Collection. Denmark and Copenhagen is surrounded by oceans so it wasn’t hard to find the inspiration for the jewellery which is reminiscent of undersea vegetations living wild at the buttom of the Danish seas.


The silversmith wanted to create something that sprung from a traditional diamond jewellery but with a more organic and rounded expression. Other rings are uniquely made as wild growing seaweed also very organic and with soft shapes. Each jewellery is special made and one of a kind.