Fælledevej 18
2200 København N

LLLP is situated in the heart of Nørrebro. This specialized design studio design and build furniture in accordance with the classic Danish design tradition where functionality, aesthetics and simplicity are the key.

LLLP build furniture for those who see the beauty in minimalism, timelessness and originality – for those who appreciates the raw and simple – and for those who looks for furniture with an edge.

3 raw materials makes for the foundation of most LLLP furniture’s; Birch Plywood, Black Steel, and Linoleum.

LLLP furniture’s are crafted with inspiration from the classic industrial design tradition, the Bauhaus school, Donald Judd and other minimalistic artists and architects.

Ever since then LLLP has been run, and owned by Nicholas Rose who has designed the majority of the LLLP furniture. Nicholas’ design philosophy reflects the LLLP history that has inspired him to create new, simple and original pieces. He honors the functional, minimalistic design tradition and creates raw, elegant furniture’s that stand out from the crowd.

At LLLP it is a matter of simplistic details, quality, and functionality. It has been like
this since the beginning and Nicholas have no intentions of changing.

Fælledvej 18
DK – 2200 Copenhagen N
Tel: +45 3536 6004

Opening hours: Tues-Thursday 11am-5.30pm, Friday 11am-6pm and Sat-Sunday
upon appointment only.

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Blog Features

LLLP’s newly designed wardrobe fitted to and built in the customer’s home


It is a big one! 240x140x60cm with two hanger rods and a series of shelves on one side. The cabinet is made of light-coated 15mm birch plywood, backside and base in matt black melamine and doors with birch plywood edges.

The customer was questioning whether the black doors would be too heavy in the room, but to his great delight, it was absolutely perfect. As he put it, ‘It’s really great and better than I dared hope for considering that the the cabinet is so big’.

LLLP joinery work fascinates – take a look for yourself at La Esquina cafe

In Ryesgade – in the Østerbro neighbourhood – creativity rules. Just recently the Spanish inspired tapas cafe La Esquina has opened its door to all curious souls. So step into a world of fine wine, tapas, coffee and much more….
‘More’ includes a fantastic interior design.
CPHmade member LLLP with owner and architect Nicholas Rose in the front has been co-responsible for the joinery in La Esquina. LLLP specializes in tailor-made interior joinery design – besides the manufacture of his own furniture. Take a look – and a coffee – for yourself at 76, Ryesgade. Hola from Asger