Young bookbinder is taking the stage and winning the crowd in Copenhagen.

Even young at age bookbinder Klara K has 10 years of experience in a nearly forgotten industry. Klara is here to take over the heritage from an old trade full of traditions and solid craftsmanship. But not only does she overtake heritage in trade and craft, she strongly believes that the trade can renew itself. Klara K has already shown Copenhageners that she practises the speech.

When visiting the bookbinder workshop, you’ll be meet by Klara’s apprentice and a workshop full of story, passion and machinery that go back in time. Bookbinder Klara K inCopenhagen is truly worth a visit.

Bogbinder Klara K
Overgaden oven Vandet 2A
DK – 1415 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 2616 2620