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At Isangs, you don’t have to look for the “fair trade” or “green” versions of our products, because all the things we make live up to the same standards. That’s because for us, a real commitment is about taking a clear stand, not just about highlighting a few sustainable initiatives. Of course, we’re always trying to improve the way we do things over here, but we’re committed to providing you with real alternative hair and body care

Here’s what we stand for…

Organic & natural

No pesticides. No GMOs. No artificial colors. No artificial fragrances. No artificial anything

We only use natural ingredients that are organically grown or sustainably harvested from the wild.

Fair Trade

Fair trade as solidarity, not charity

Fair trade is a way of standing in solidarity with small-scale producers. It’s not about giving charitable hand-outs, but about respecting the basic rights of workers and supporting labour struggles. For us, this means working directly with small-scale farmers and producer cooperatives, using fair trade certified ingredients, and buying through fair trade suppliers when we can’t afford the bulk to buy direct.


100% Vegan and Cruelty free. No animal fats, animal byproducts or hidden animal derivatives

We think there’re lots of ways to treat animals with respect. But our products are all vegan because that’s the clearest stand we can take against factory farming, environmentally damaging livestock production, and the unnecessary use of animals or animal-products in cosmetics.

Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

Because it doesn’t make sense to sell sustainable products wrapped in unsustainable packaging

For us, is seems obvious that our packaging should have the same ethics as our products, and shouldn’t end up in a landfill or sitting in the bottom of the ocean for 1000 years. That’s why we use recyled, sustaonable and recyclable materials in all our packaging.

Effective Products

Sure we can get a little nerdy about our raw ingredients, but the main reason we’re here is to make great products that work and leave your hair and skin healthier and looking great!


Isangs Shop & Production
Flensborggade 22, kld. th.
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Blog Features

Treat yourself with something soapy from Isangs Hair & Body

Isangs Hair & Body is one of the newest members of CPHmade, and is so far the only member in our humble network who produces handmade soap.
Isangs Hair & Body offers a wide selection of handmade soap bars, body oils and shaving products. All products are organic, fair trade and contain only natural ingredients.

Isangs Hair & Body is founded by Ms Sundra Essien who with her Nigerian background has a beautiful afro hair. But as Sundra couldn’t find any suitable hair shampoo for afro hair, she decided to make it herself, and this became the start of Isangs Hair & Body.
Today, Sundra and Mr. Lasse Mulvad operate Isangs Hair & Body together, and they have managed to establish a business which sells its products to a very broad audience. Isangs clients range from everything to elderly gentlemen who take pride in traditional shaving, to young females who value organic quality shampoos and facial oils – all hand made.

If you are in the Vesterbro area, make sure to pay Isangs Hair & Body a visit in their combined workshop and shop on Flensborggade 22 – and be tempted by the scent and the many different products.

Isangs Hair & Body
Flensborggade 22, basement.
1670 CPH V